Always in My Heart

So it has been 12 months since we first approached our local council to start the adoption process. In 12 months I feel that we have come so far in many ways and then feel frustrated that things haven’t moved further in other ways. Continue reading


One amazing woman

Whilst waiting to hear if we had successfully passed the mini assessment, I started thinking a lot about everything that had happened that had led me to this place right now. Of course, I wanted more children and given the birth and miscarriage that I had experienced, it seemed a logical step, but as I mentioned before adopting had been something I had always thought of doing. Continue reading

Starting the journey

When at the age of 18 I met and fell in love with Peter, we developed a strong relationship quickly. I believed he was the person I would spend the rest of my life with and we made plans for the future from the very early days. I told him that one day I’d like to adopt and he said that he had often thought that he may not be able to have children and if that was the case he would love to adopt too. Continue reading