‘THE’ Phonecall

Well after many frustrating weeks of hearing nothing and waiting, our Social Worker phoned this morning to ask to come out to see us. I said is this ‘THE’ come out and see us meeting and she laughed and said yes. I asked if they had a child in mind and she said yes but couldn’t tell me anymore because Peter wasn’t there. As we were in work together at the time I said he’s right beside me, is it ‘m’ or ‘f’ and she said M. Then I asked the age and she said very young!

As it happened we had booked half day today as our daughter had a hospital appointment to check her tonsils and our SW had a cancelled appointment so she said she could come to us about 4.30!

After putting down the phone, we just stared at each other. We were both so shocked and excited. I was shaking like a leaf and felt sick! I then phoned Mum who burst out crying! Then Dad who kept saying how ‘cool’ it was.

Our minds were working overtime and we couldn’t help but be VERY excited. Finally the time came and (late as usual) our Social Worker turned up. She gave us his details. He’s 11 ½ months old, and has been with the same foster carer since 8 hours old. He’s perfectly happy and healthy and meeting all his milestones. He’s called David but we’re not meant to know that. She said she’d let us think about it over night but Peter and I looked at each other and said ‘what’s to think about?!’ We both felt very positive and enthusiastic about him and were eager to get things moving on. The next stage is for his social worker to come and meet us, look at the house and decide if she thinks we’re right. Apparently she’s very happy with us ‘on paper’ so that’s promising. We told Sarah that there maybe a baby brother and she’s really excited. We think the age is perfect and can imagine them playing with each other!

We have to wait now for our SW to contact the social worker and arrange to come out. So fingers crossed we hear soon!


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