The Panel!

So after chasing my Social worker incessantly and also having got her manager involved, we are now told that we will be going to panel within 48 hours!

Our Social Worker came to the house to drop off our form for us to read – this is what we had been working towards for a year. After making some minor amendments, we signed it and were ready for it to be submitted to the panel. Now all we could do was wait … for a change!

The day arrives …

We’ve been approved! The panel went well though it was quite intimidating walking into a room of about 12 strangers who were all there to judge and discuss us! They asked a few questions, but our Social Worker said we answered them exactly as she had! We were told we could leave and so waited outside for her. She came out then with a big grin and her thumb up!!! I gave her a huge hug and started crying!!! We grinned all the way home, phoning and texting everyone. And lots of them cried too!!! We feel like we’re definitely expecting now and cant wait for our new arrival!! It finally feels definite. We just hope we don’t have to wait too long for our new addition to arrive!!

Well, true to form, the council are making us wait! We should have had our confirmation letter within 7 working days but we still haven’t heard anything almost two weeks later. I emailed our Social Worker last week and she said she would chase it and ring us as soon as she knows anything. I emailed again yesterday to find out what the delay is, but still haven’t heard from her. Its so frustrating! I cant believe how inadequate the system is, there are so many children languishing in second rate care who could be matched with loving parents if they just pulled their fingers out. It makes me so mad. Every time you think you can almost see light at the end of the tunnel, they close the door!

She finally phoned me a few days later to say that our letter is on the way. I asked if there was anyone in the pipeline and she said she still couldn’t tell me!! What a frustrating system. She made me feel a bit like I was being a pain and I would just have to wait.

Our letter arrived today and after waiting 17 days for the Director to sign it off, it was ‘pp’d’ by the head of Adoption! The letter was rubbish and even said it was enclosing a booklet, which wasn’t there!!!

I really cant believe the inadequacy of the system. Surely the focus should be upon getting children out of care and into loving homes, not bureaucratic paperwork!?


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