Support Networks

Our social worker came back out for another visit and she spent the time with us explaining the importance of our social network.

As much as I know the importance of having good friends and family around us, I still feel astounded that we had to list everyone that we were connected to. I do see the value in it for them placing a child with us, but when you have a birth child nobody ever says, before you conceive think about your support network!

I guess this is what is mad for me in this whole process so far, I had my daughter at 23 and nobody considered how I would cope. Despite going through a horrendous pregnancy and birth, 4 days after being in a high dependency unit, I was sent home with my girl and expected to know what to do and how to cope.

The correlation between having a birth child and an adoptive child is worlds apart, on one hand I wish that people had to go through a similar process before they were able to conceive and on the other it is frustrating that common sense never comes into play in this process, we have to explain and justify everything. Even though we are doing it every day already with Sarah.

Despite these thoughts, I know that I will jump through any hoop they throw at me. I want to have another child in our family so much and what’s more, I know we can provide an amazing family for a child who really needs it.



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