Apparently it’s about 6 months from here

Well our social worker, Jane, finally came out to start the home study. She spent a few hours explaining the whole process. It actually sounded a lot more ‘sensible’ and less intrusive than I first expected.

She said that all being well, this part of the process should take about 6 months meaning that just after Christmas we could have another child! It seemed impossible to comprehend. The process was all centred around completing the ‘Form F’ which would form the foundation of our application.

She told us that she would come out every couple of weeks and for the next meeting, we had to both write about our childhood. I have always been a bit of a swot, and loved writing, so I was thrilled at having to do this. Peter on the other hand was not happy about doing it.

After she left we got really excited and began talking about the prospect of having a brother or sister more and more to Sarah.

Sarah was 4 at this time and as the law states that an adopted child must be 2 years or more younger than any other child in the house, we could prepare her for the kind of age child that would be coming into our family. Far from being confused, Sarah understood everything and was telling everyone that she would have a new ‘blister’ (brother or sister) soon.

When Jane came back again three weeks later, the whole meeting involved discussing family traditions. It became really exciting to talk about how we celebrate birthdays and Christmas and to think that we would be celebrating future ones as a family of four.

So far, the process seems straight forward and each time Jane left, I couldn’t wait for the next meeting.


2 thoughts on “Apparently it’s about 6 months from here

    • Well, that’s what I was told! You will see that it took longer than that as the story unfolds. I can’t see how 6 months is a realistic target, but when you start this process you believe everything you are told with great anticipation!

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