One amazing woman

Whilst waiting to hear if we had successfully passed the mini assessment, I started thinking a lot about everything that had happened that had led me to this place right now. Of course, I wanted more children and given the birth and miscarriage that I had experienced, it seemed a logical step, but as I mentioned before adopting had been something I had always thought of doing.

My father was adopted back in the 1940’s something which he was always aware of and he never experienced the big ‘reveal’ it was just something he always knew. My grandparents were incredible in my eyes, after being unable to have children of their own, they made the decision to adopt. First, they adopted a girl and a few years later my dad.

When he was 6 weeks old, my nanna made a train journey and was handed my father at the train station. Instead of disappearing for a while and coming back pretending that her adoptive children were her birth children, she very boldly faced everyone in the small village that they lived and was open and honest about being blessed with her children and how they came to her.

I have always had incredible admiration and respect for my Nanna as by being bold and open, my father and auntie never experienced any teasing or gossiping about ‘where they came from’.

Having always known this, I made the decision that I wanted to adopt when I was about eleven. I have no idea why, to me it felt like a calling and something I HAD to do. Unfortunately, my Nanna died in 1997 so I was unable to discuss my choices with her, I have often wondered what advice and wisdom she would have shared with me.

She is certainly a huge motivational factor for me having the strength to endure this journey and having the determination to see it through, despite any knock backs and despite the long waits!


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