In the beginning …

Unlike many people, my childhood was pretty awesome. No major incidences (other than a dog bite and a couple of illnesses!), brought up by my mum and dad with two big brothers to look out for me, I was fortunate enough to have a childhood full of happy Christmases, lovely holidays and most importantly laughter.

So my rationale is that throughout life everyone has pretty much the same doses of good and bad luck and because my childhood was pretty sweet, I guess karma decided to dish out a big dose of life’s traumas to me all in one go.

Before I start this journey, its important to state that I have never once felt sorry for myself and I know that there are people who have undergone far worse than I have. I just want to take the opportunity to share my story in the hope that if it can help one person who is on a similar journey at some point in their lives, then it is worth it.

So, following on from this lovely childhood I met a boy when I was 18 that I just knew I would end up marrying. Here my journey began.


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